Guidance on LGB equality in older age available

Bristol City Council has published a report on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Equality in Health and Social Care,‘I want to be able to be gay in my last days’. The guide provides information and guidance to appropriate and discrimination free services, promoting and respecting the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual service users.

The report, written in 2011, is being promoted so all settings for older people to have a culture where people can be open about their sexual orientation if they want to be. There will be an increased level of expectation by lesbian, gay and bisexual people as fear of discrimination decreases and a need for services to be equipped to meet peoples needs.

The report says that, generally, participants (in research) believed that health and social care providers operated according to a heterosexual assumption, and failed to address their specific needs. The report also identified that a particularly high proportion of participants lived alone and high value was placed on friendships as like “family”.

The report was looks at issue in residential settings, home care and day services, and will be of use to many VCS organisations providing services for older people. To see the report click here. There is also a quiz, questions and case studies for providers to stimulate discussion on the issue. Click here for the quiz.


Better support for LGBT people in later life

19/11/2013 Equality and Diversity, Personalisation

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Housing 21 have produced new research which identifies the needs and aspirations of LGBT people in later life and looks at how housing and care providers can make a positive impact on their lives.

View the research document by clicking here

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